From garage golf to Par Paradise

Philip Simmons principal tees up new sim biz
It might be one of the most awkward encounters for any high school student. 
Seeing the principal outside of school.
Or, worse yet, moonlighting at another job.
“Long story short, I’ve always loved golf.” 
Chris Bulchoz has a side hustle.
The Philip Simmons High School principal of almost four years is not quitting his day job, but when he is not working as the Iron Horse leader, students and staff might catch him after hours tinkering around on the golf
course at his new virtual golf business called Par Paradise.
“Pretty funny story, my wife and kids went out of town one summer, I was staying because I was working,” he said. “When they came back home, I had put a golf simulator in our garage.”
Bulchoz said, like most people, he doesn’t have enough time to be a weekend hacker. So a few years ago, instead of lugging clubs and driving miles to a golf course, he decided to bring the tee box and bunkers inside
his home.
He installed a golf simulator in his carport and started taking swings. 
“This is something that could be something one day,” Bulchoz thought. “I had all my neighbors in my garage just playing golf. It was really fun.” 
This attraction to indoor golf began to percolate into something bigger.
At the urging of his wife Megan, Bulchoz decided to move his golf game out of the garage and turn the fun of a simulated driving range into a family business.
“I’ve been to many (indoor golf facilities) and they are just popping all over the place. I thought if I don’t do it on Daniel Island, then someone else will,” he said.
“I think I can really do it right and provide a great spot.”
Par Paradise is set to open in late spring at 866 Island Park Drive, near New Realm Brewery. The golf retreat will operate with three large bays and a putting simulator for both pros and duffers to take aim.
“Whether you are an ultra-pro trying to fine-tune your game, or you are just looking to get more reps in or your family is looking to do something together…, it solves the two biggest problems that everybody has with golf:
time and money,” he said.
Par Paradise will offer membership packages on a first-come, first-served basis that will include anywhere from eight to 16 hours of golf time each month. Doors will be open for members from 7 a.m. to 10 p.m., seven
days a week.
“Think about it like a golf club, like an actual course. That’s how we are going to run it,” Bulchoz said. 
The shop will have tee times, club fittings, club repair, and lessons available from golfing pros. He said the pricing would rival other golf entertainment venues.
“You go to Topgolf, and you’re going to drop basically what you pay in a month in my space, just to get two hours of play and some food.”
Bulchoz anticipates the software will allow golfers to “play” on hundreds of different golf courses across the country and said the technology will reveal whether you perform like Tiger Woods or play like, well, everybody
“It’s very accurate. If you are a slicer in real life, you are going to get on a simulator and slice it. And if you only hit your pitching wedge, let’s say, 50 yards, well, guess what? You’re only going to hit it 50 yards.”
Bulchoz hopes the new business will motivate and encourage golfers of all types to have a bit of fairway fun, whether it rains or shines.
“We are in a perfect spot on Daniel Island,” he said. “It’s a little something for everyone.” 
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