New fishing technique lures Capt. Greg back to the water

For me, constant learning keeps fishing interesting. So I am always looking for opportunities to learn.
Last week, Elliott and I attended a seminar hosted by Pam Corwin, a biologist with the South Carolina Department of Natural Resources.
In the seminar, Pam shared her knowledge of the South Carolina shad fishery. Great information like life cycle, habitat and how to catch them.
One of the techniques Pam shared was using Micro Finesse lures to target shad. 
I prefer finesse fishing techniques and my favorite finesse lure is a Z-Man Finesse TRD. Elliott and I were intrigued by the micro finesse lures Pam shared. They were half the size of a Finesse TRD. 
We wondered if they would work for trout and redfish. Only one way to find out. Fish them.
Pam sensed our eagerness to try micro finesse fishing and kindly gave us a pack of Z-Man Micro Shad HeadZ and Baby BallerZ lures.
The next afternoon, Elliott, Brody, and I were trying them out.
To test their efficacy, I fished with the Micro Shad HeadZ and Baby BallerZ combination. Elliott fished with our standard Finesse TRD on a NedLockZ jig. 
Initially, Elliott caught more fish. Then I figured out the retrieve cadence for the tiny lure and our catches evened up. However, all of the fish we caught were trout.
Elliott and I wondered if redfish would like the tiny lure. So we left the trout biting and moved into a shallow creek to target redfish. 
After a bit of looking, we located a school of redfish on an oyster bar in extremely shallow water. The fish were not particularly large. This made them the perfect size for a micro finesse lure.
I cast the Baby BallerZ lure on top of the oyster bar and was pleasantly surprised when it did not get hung up. The small size and slower sink rate of the lure made it the ideal tool for the situation.
I liked the micro finesse lure. More importantly, the redfish liked it too.
Elliott and I have a lot more to learn about micro finesse fishing. Many thanks to Pam Corwin for getting us off to a fast start.
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