Trash talk and fishing can turn friends into family

Friendship is kind of funny. If your friends hang around long enough, they become family.
This is the case with my friend Donna Crocker.
We have been fishing together for over 30 years. Donna has seen my children, Elliott and Maddie, grow from toddlers to adults. She is my wife’s best friend and like an aunt to my kids. She is a member of our family.
However, our fishing trips are highly competitive and full of smack talking. The trash talking begins soon as we step onto the skiff and continues for days, and even weeks after the fishing trip ends. It is good-natured, and we usually spend more time laughing than fishing. It is all great fun. Unless you are the one not catching fish.  
Unfortunately for Donna, on our fishing trip last week, she struggled to catch fish. Little did she know the day before, I struggled as well until I figured out an aggressive retrieve cadence would trigger the trout to strike.
Of course, since our fishing trips are highly competitive, I did not share this information with Donna.  
In the first hour of fishing, Donna caught and released two trout. I released over 20. Naturally, I was quick to point out the disparity in our catches. As it was early, Donna simply laughed it off.
The second hour of fishing was more of the same. I noticed Donna was not laughing as much. With a seemingly insurmountable lead, I decided to share the aggressive retrieve cadence with Donna. She immediately began to catch fish and asked why I waited so long to tell her. I laughed and told her I just figured it out.
After 30 years of fishing together, Donna knew I was pulling her leg. She said you can pick your friends but not your family so, I guess I am stuck with you.
I laughed and replied, you most certainly are.
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